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SmartROC D65

Down-the-hole rig

SmartROC D65
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment

SmartROC D65 is a down-the-hole drill rig that turns your mining vision into reality. It is ideal for both mining and large quarries. Thanks to its leading-edge automation, operator productivity is increased and your business will profit from its added intelligence. With Atlas Copco’s Hole Navigation System, planning and control is vastly improved. And because the entire drill cycle is automated, drilling times are maximized and the life of consumables lengthened.



Key Specifications
Hole diameter 110–203 mm (4 5/16 – 8")
Hole Range 110–203 mm (4 5/16”- 8”)
Power rating at 1800 rpm 403 kW (540 HP)
Compressor (FAD) at 30 bar 470 l/s 995 cfm
Weight (T4) 24,100 kg (53,130 lb)
Drilling method Down the hole