Atlas Copco

Christensen 140

Surface Core Drill Rig

Christensen 140

Exploration drilling has never been more competitive. Only the best contractors get their hands on the most lucrative jobs. Your wild card to future success reads Christensen 140. This state-of-the-art surface core drill rig from Atlas Copco can be the game changer you need. Helping you leave competition behind and become number one in the big leagues. Equipped with this new rig, you will get the attention of those customers that matter the most. You will qualify for any job in the world, and get your name on more mining companies' short lists. Once in the game, you will experience drilling productivity like never before, getting more samples out of the ground, faster - making you a winner among the best of the pros.



Key Specifications
Engine QSB 6.7 IIIA-3/IV-4F
Power Power Stage IIIA/Tier 3: 153 kW (208 hp) / Stage IV/Tier 4F: 160 kW (217 hp)
Main Hoist: Single line capacity, bare drum 80 kN (18,000 lbs)
Wireless Hoist: Capacity 2,000 m (6,561 ft) of 4.76 mm (3/16 in)